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Vitamin D with K2

What is so special about vitamin K2 you might ask? Well, vitamin K2 is different from K1 which is found in leafy vegetables and is utilized in the clothing process. Vitamin K2 is found in red meat which comes from grass fed beef and not from your local grocery. Vitamin K2 comes in two forms, MK4 which comes from egg yolks, butter, and in supplements...

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The Secrets of Aloe

We Hispanics love aloe, we put it on everything and everwhere so don't tell us it doesn't work. I am even putting it on my leftover hair. I thought it was gel. Anyway, it has been in use for over five thousand years.

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Omega 3s

Well guys, I hate to say this yet again but Miss Norma is right again. I have spent the weekend reviewing omega 3. This is otherwise known as fish oil. In truth these are mighty entities of anti-inflammatory potential and much more. I have found out that omega 3s are important to our health.

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OPC 3 - The History of Pycnogenol

Ok guys, I am going to take on the topic of Oligomerick Proanthocyanidins. This is a huge topic which encompasses so many important issues. OPC is the shorthand abbreviation. It's use was first described in 1534 when a french explorer by the name of Jacques Cartier whose ship became icebound in the area of Quebec.

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OPC 3 - Oxidative Stress Theory

We will need to discuss Oxidative Stress Theory prior to moving on. In the past every illness has been thought of as an independent and separate illness from all others. There is a school of thought that believes that many illnesses are related in their pathophysiology and that human illness may have some commonality.

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OPC 3 - Cardiovascular Disease

Well, it's been a week and I think it's time to advance our understanding. We left off with the Oxidative Stress Theory. We can now see the framework for the two stage model of vascular mediated injury. As free radicals by way of stress, tobacco, alcohol, ultra violet radiation and environmental pollutants, attack blood vessel cells they cause injury.

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Neurological Issues

Individual age related changes in cognition and memory vary greatly. Commonly we see changes in the age range of 50 to 70 years of age. They are typically manifested as decreased memory, decision making and cognitive speed. Pathologically speaking, we begin to see age related changes being manifested as reduction in brain volume, development of protein deposits called beta amyloid and neurofibrillary tangles. These entities are associated with age related changes and disease states.

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OPC 3 - Beauty Benefits

Well, this is going to be my final discussion on OPC. There is so much more but I have other topics that I would like to move on to in the near future. OPC, Oligomeric Proanthrocyanidins are the most active bioflavinoid antioxidants known to man. It should also be known that beauty starts on the inside as well as on the outside.

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Advanced Glycation Endproducts and Why is this Important

The question begs to be answered. Have you ever noticed that if you are around "health nuts", they always say," Are you going to eat that _______"? That is when we answer "yes but I am going to walk later". Of course we resent them for their commenting on our jelly filled donut.

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The B Complex Dilemma

Well, I very excited about finishing the OPC 3 series. I would like to move on to my next topic! We get quite a few questions about B vitamins, so I would like to spend some time on this issue. First of all B vitamins are vitamins because they are vital to your health. There are a total of eight B vitamins which are only obtained by your food intake. You cannot make these vitamins, you have to absorb them from your environment.

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Magnesium, Vital to Your Well Being

Magnesium is an essential mineral which is necessary for the human body. It is known to be important in building bone and in heart function-both in contraction of the heart but also in the maintenance of heart rhythm. It also acts as a Co-factor by which reactions occur that might not otherwise occur in a rapid fashion.

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