The Isotonix Advantage

The Determination to effect an understanding of the use of nutraceutical as a way of enhancing health and well being. Understanding the limitations of our modern day dietary choices is crucial for making good decisions regarding ourselves and our families. It is my heart felt belief that our full potential in life and health can be realized through education and initiation of powerful nutraceutical regimes as the isotonix line of Supplements

The Isotonix Advantage

The power of our product is in the name, ISOTONIX. “ISO” in that our product when mixed with water has the same tonicity “TONIX” as your blood, sweat and tears. This physiologic approach has resulted in a life changing product line of pharmaceutical grade supplements and wellness options.

General Health Information

Surely as you read here on Dr. Ed’s site, you must be thinking to yourself, “Why is this product line the best for me and my family”. The answer to your question is actually our greatest advantage point. Our product line is a pharmaceutically designed physiologically driven model of custom wellness solutions. More

Oxidative Stress

This theory is our most advanced concept on how normal and variants of normal metabolic processes. Understanding oxidative stress is the forerunner for being able to design a custom nutraceutical anti-aging solution. To start your education and my passion, click More.More

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