OPC-3 Oxidative Stress Theory

Oxidative Stress Theory

We will need to discuss Oxidative Stress Theory prior to moving on. In the past every illness has been thought of as an independent and separate illness from all others. There is a school of thought that believes that many illnesses are related in their pathophysiology and that human illness may have some commonality. This comes into play with the Oxidative Stress Theory. This theory states that many illnesses have as a common pathway, the oxidation of various entities as a penultimate cause of illness. Oxidation means the act of stealing an electron from another entity. So when the liver packages fats for your body's consumption it makes VLDL (very low density lipoprotein), which is changed to LDL (low density lipoprotein) as triglycerides are removed from VLDL. It is this entity, LDL which when oxidized by free radicals is altered and incorporated into atherosclerotic plaques. Antioxidants stop this reaction and thus limit the process and can even rejuvenate the vascular cells back to health. This has been substantiated by studies measuring resumption in nitric oxide production. This intrinsic vascular dilator is a marker of vascular health. Of note, male erectile dysfunction is a marker of heart disease by way of poor vessel health and an inability to produce sufficient nitric oxide for vasodilation in both organs and thus organ dysfunction.

Now, getting back to antioxidants, as free radicals steal electrons they make the object of their theft into another free radical to propagate the process thus creating a chain reaction. This destroys DNA, enzymes and collagen as well as cell structures causing mutations and organ dysfunction, inflammation (pain) and premature aging. This process has been associated with heat attacks, strokes, peripheral vascular disease and dementia.

In closing this chapter, one might ask, "Why haven't I heard of this before". Most doctors haven't been taught due to the fact that the nutraceuticals are not patentable and thus the drug companies can't make money, they won't do the studies to prove their benefit. No studies no edifying the doctors who use these studies to learn how to treat patients. I refused to let the guy behind the GNC counter council my patients. Always remember that our God is a good God and He has provided all that is needed for a long life. I am grateful for the mighty name of Jesus.

- Dr. Ed

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