Dr. Ed's Story

Welcome friends, family and patients. My life started with an unction to be of service to others and has lead me through three board certifications in internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine and Sleep Medicine. I have been in practice now for 30 years as well as a critical care physician in our intensive care unit. It has led me into a 28 year marriage to my beautiful, brilliant and very successful entrepreneurial wife Norma Flores. Our marriage has been blessed with longevity and four lovely, well-mannered children one of which is 6’4” and autistic.

One day my wife says to me “will you start taking these vitamins like me”, I have found an incredible line of health products? I say to her “Honey, that’s all snake oil, don’t believe it. I agreed to study the products for one week to explain to her why that stuff does not work. Well, by day three I informed my wife that she was a genius. All my education had enable me to critically examine data and come to the realization that all of my basic training which was tossed aside at graduation in favor of big medicine and an entanglement with the pharmaceutical company’s big brotherhood. It just made sense.

Through this experience, I have been lead to question what I once considered truths. Why are we seeing the same patients repeatedly in the ICU? Why are patients dying at an early age leaving unfinished work behind in raising their families? Why are we seeing the same old tired diseases steal, kill and destroy the pillars of wisdom in families? Why, as one of the leading industrialized nations of the world are we spending the most and rank almost last in longevity?

As I have followed my best friend’s direction and several years of independent study as well as learning from the mentors that God has sent my way like Dr. Deedra Mason, Dr. Dan Witchowsky, and Dr. Milan Moore, my truth has been revealed to me. The patient is lost, the food we eat is trash, our lifestyle is askew, and our acceptance of the media’s idea of “living the good life” has brought me to this point.

I believe that there is a better way. A way to live longer and better, a way to be a blessing to ourselves and our families as well as our patients. It starts with education and that is why I am here. I have been well prepared as someone who cares, someone who has been an educator, someone who has studied medicine and someone who is willing to do the inconvenient thing. Join me, my wife Norma and my Family. Yes friends and family let us go out and do the inconvenient thing. Let’s make a difference in ourselves and in others lives.

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